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Our straws are the natural byproduct of the harvesting process for straw shaped plants like wheat, reed, and bamboo.

We source these raw materials from small farms around the world during seasonal harvesting.

Our straws are then washed in a process that uses a minimum amount of water and is free from added chemicals.

Once they are cleaned, the straws are then measured and cut to the correct size.

Once cut, the straws are treated to ensure cleanliness and safety.

This occurs through our in-house heat sterilization process where we eliminate any potential pathogens.

Once straws are sterilized we heat dry them.

Now they are ready to be packaged.

All of our packages are made from recyclable paperboard and printed with plant-based inks in order to avoid any use of plastic materials.

*Quality Control:


We perform quality control measures in every step of the manufacturing process to make sure only the highest quality products make it to market.

Our straws are independently tested in order to comply with FDA (Food and Drug Administration) standards and maintain the associated certifications for food contact materials.

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